Why Mixing Bowl?

Why Mixing Bowl?

At Mixing Bowl we use the freshest quality ingredients to make granola that’s not only healthy but also tastes delicious. Granola is a product that can be enjoyed by all age groups. At least that’s how we look at it. We have customers as young as 1 year old! It’s the perfect meal, the perfect snack , and the perfect accompaniment to a beverage. While others may think of it as a breakfast cereal we would like our customers to look at it as an ‘anytime meal’.

We want to change the notion of “healthy can’t be delicious.” And with that as our goal we set about to create a range of pre-mixes that have all the necessary nutrients that you require daily. Each batch is roasted to perfection and carefully packed in airtight reusable bags. Have it with milk or yoghurt, mix it in your smoothie, sprinkle some on your salad, and on those ‘cheat days’ top up your ice cream with some granola for that crunch! We also offer the option of DIY granola where you can customise your own mix and choose from a range of grains, seeds, nuts, dehydrated fruit and other add ons. 

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